1st TK Christmas Concert


Hey Falcons! Everyone knows about our school-wide Christmas worship service, where every class sings a song. What few people know about is the Christmas concert that TK put on this year! The Christmas concert took place during school, on a Friday morning. I went to go watch it, and found that having the TK Christmas concert was a great idea. All the kids loved it, and their parents were so proud of them. This was also a great way to gently introduce the children to the Christmas worship service that they will be taking part of next year. The children sang 4 songs, Away in a Manger, The Angels Sing a Christmas Song, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. These songs are all merry encounters of Christmas. The teachers made a great choice when she chose these songs for the children to sing, because it seemed as though they had a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the TK kids sing, since they seemed so happy to be there. It is my opinion that from now on, every TK class should sing in a concert, whether it be the big one or their own.