NBA All-Star Voting


A few weeks ago the first results of the NBA All-Star game were released. These results are from the fan votes who are the first group of people who are allowed to vote.  Then, the players are then allowed to vote and following is the media. The reserves of the teams are then chosen by the coaches from the two conferences. This is the second year the NBA is using the new All-star game format. This format allows there to be two captains from either conference but they are allowed to choose players from either conference.  This is the 68th All-star game ever and this year it will be held in Charlotte, N.C., at the Spectrum Center on Sunday, February 17th. The fans will account for 50% of the vote, while the media and players both account for 25%. The first fan votes have been released and there were a bit of surprises on the list. In the Western Conference, Lebron James received the most votes for the frontcourt, while Stephen Curry led voting on the guard side in the West. In a surprise to many fans rookie, Luka Doncic was second in frontcourt players, while Derrick Rose who almost ended his basketball career is second for the guards. Some other surprises were Demarcus Cousins who has yet to play this season and Kyle Kuzma. In the Eastern Conference, Giannis Antetokounmpo led the for the most frontcourt votes, while Kyrie Irving led the guards. Some surprises on the Eastern Conference were Vince Carter and Jeremy Lin of the Atlanta Hawks. If the voting were to end today Lebron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo would be the two team captains. This All-Star game looks to be exciting and will be very entertaining.


If you would like to the whole view of the first votings click on the link below.