Wicked Review


On January 8th I went to the Pantages theater in Hollywood and saw ‘Wicked’ with the 2019 Tournament of Roses Royal Court. This was my second time seeing this particular musical and it was as amazing as it was the first time. ‘Wicked’ is a musical that tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West and her story with the Good Witch of the South, Glinda. ‘Wicked’ has been on tour since 2005. Before the show, I got the opportunity to take a backstage tour and see behind the scenes of one of the most famous shows in America. I saw the Wizard of Oz’s big metal face. On the tour, our tour guide was the tour manager of the Wicked tour and he asked if any performers were in the group. Everyone in my group pointed to me and he was very surprised when I told him I had been in 8 (almost 9) productions and was only 13 years old. I also got to see the costumes, and my personal favorite dress, Glinda’s bubble dress. This is the dress Glinda wears when she is floating down in the bubble and it weighs over 10 pounds. It’s a light blue gown with sequins that has a hook on the back so Glinda can be safely secured onto the bubble contraption that she flies on in the show. Every costume and pair of shoes in the production is custom made and hand stitched. While backstage I met Jackie Burns. Jackie Burns has been playing Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, for 8 years. After the show, I went to a Q and A and got to meet Kara Lindsey who plays Glinda. Surprisingly, she is a brunette and Glinda’s golden curls in the show is a wig. Overall, the show was so amazing and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to see it a second time. If you have the opportunity to see ‘Wicked’, you should definitely go.