Winter Birdhouse

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Winter Birdhouse

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Winter Birdhouse

Hello Falcons! Today I’ll be showing you how to make a winter themed birdhouse!


You will need:

1 Birdhouse

OR thick sticks

1 Hot Glue Gun

Fake snow or some cotton balls

Paints (your colors of choice)

Yarn or String spool

(optional) Nesting Materials (like grass, gravel, and twigs!)



  1. Assemble the Birdhouse with sticks and a hot glue gun. If It’s already assembled, skip this step.
  2. Paint the birdhouse and wait for it to dry.
  3. With the hot glue gun, stick on the fake snow, or if using cotton balls stretch them out to be flat and glue them onto the roof of the birdhouse.
  4. Attach the yarn or string to the birdhouse through a loop or hot glue it.


I hope you had fun making this, and hopefully, lots of birds visit!

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