7th Grade Field Trip

Hey Falcons! 7th Grade went on a field trip last Friday, and I decided to ask some students what they thought of it. I went up to 7B and interviewed Aaron Pereira, Will Crowley, and Mia Mayer. I asked them a few questions leading up to the field trip, and they were all aware that they had a field trip. The 7th grade field trip will be to Caltech, lasting about half the day. Every student I talked to was aware of this. Mia was very excited for the field trip, because she loves science. Mia loves science because she gets to learn about the world. Will and Aaron however, were not as excited as Mia for the field trip. Will was not excited because he says we have to walk to Caltech, and Aaron says he was not excited because he wants the field trip to be all day. Another reason the boys weren’t excited was because science is not their favorite subject, so they felt no enthusiasm. I decided I would go back and interview Mia, Aaron, and Will again after they went on the field trip to see if their opinions had at all changed. They were glad that they went on the field trip, and this is because they thought that the field trip was interesting, since they got to learn about glaciers. Mia, Will and Aaron collectively agreed that they wouldn’t recommend this field trip to another class because it was very long.