My Experience With The Oculus Rift


We are rapidly progressing to “true” virtual reality, with our knowledge of it and available technologies increasing every day. One of the best models of virtual reality that we have today is the Oculus Rift. The Rift was made by the company Oculus VR, which is currently owned by Facebook, Inc. I recently had the exciting opportunity to try out one of these headsets, and I do have to say, they did not disappoint. I had a great time with them and played a variety of games. These included Job Simulator, Beat Saber, and SuperHot VR. Job Simulator was hilarious. I played the Office Worker job, where I had to mess around with different objects and do other things, among eating a moldy donut from a trash can (in the game, obviously). Beat Saber was also great fun. You have to use the lightsaber-esque devices in your hands to slice cubes along with the music. However, my favorite game was SuperHot VR. The game follows a very basic premise: Time only moves when you move. Using this mechanic, you have to dodge bullets, duck punches, and catch flying ninja stars in midair. The art style is also incredibly unique, making the entire game look like it’s made of colored glass. In the end, I had lots of fun with the Rift, and it is a great system that everyone should try out.