2019 Midseason Premieres of “The Flash” and “Supergirl”


The CW recently ended its long (and torturous) midseason break. (I think midseason breaks are very unnecessary. How do they expect us to stay, like, a month and a half without any Arrowverse?!?!) After the end of the Elseworlds crossover, there was a break in which no new episodes of the Arrowverse shows were released. Over the last few weeks, the shows have been starting up again, and I will be reviewing their midseason premieres.


The Flash – “The Flash and the Furious”

This season of The Flash hasn’t been the best. Cicada is a very human and well-rounded villain, however, he isn’t as deep or as interesting as some of the other villains from previous seasons. However, the premise that Barry’s daughter came back in time to see her father before he disappeared makes for some very interesting situations. This season has been more focused more on the typical “meta-of-the-week” structure that earlier seasons followed (specifically seasons 1 and 4), rather than developing on Barry’s disappearance and Cicada. This episode, rather than starting of with a (particle accelerator induced) bang, rather focused on 2 completely non-plot-related metas. There were some hints towards Nora (Barry’s daughter) working with the Reverse-Flash, and Caitlin and Cisco working on a meta-cure, however, this episode wasn’t as exciting as most expected it to be. Overall, it was a nice episode, just aired at the wrong point in the season.


Supergirl – “Suspicious Minds”

Contrary to the Flash’s midseason premiere, Supergirl started off the year suspenseful and exciting. This episode, titled Suspicious Minds, is about Colonel Lauren Haley’s hunt to find Supergirl’s secret identity. This season of Supergirl has been one of the best, second only to season 2. It is about the anti-alien sentiment sweeping through the country and how Supergirl and other aliens are trying to fight it. Suspicious Minds involved a lot of suspense and ends with a major twist. (I’m not spoiling it for you, so stop being lazy and go watch it yourself!) Overall, I don’t think that Supergirl could have kicked off 2019 in any better way.

These Arrowverse midseason premieres were great and were a great way to start the year. I have high hopes for the rest of the season!


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