The HyperX eSports Arena at Luxor


I recently took a family trip to Las Vegas, and it was incredibly fun. My grandma came over from Brazil and she wanted to go, so we went and stayed at the Luxor hotel (and no, my grandma does not gamble). While we were there, my brother and I had the awesome opportunity to go to and play at the HyperX eSports Arena. It was incredible fun. So you start off by paying for how long you want to play ($10 an hour, but it goes down the longer you play). Afterward, you choose what console you want to play on: you find it, and you sit down. Then you log in to your Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, or other account and start playing! I played Fortnite while I was there, but there were loads of other games you could play. The quality of the consoles are also great: I was able to run max settings on Fortnite and still run a solid 144 fps. There are two areas in the Arena: The lobby and the main area. The lobby consists of a small shop, the cashier, and a couple of consoles. However, the main arena area is where the real fun is at. Before getting to the main arena, you walk through a hallway filled with old consoles that have had a great impact on gaming. Inside the arena, there are loads of consoles facing a huge television were the tournaments are played on. You can order food and drinks while playing, and also watch tournaments on the big screen. If you go to Las Vegas and are staying at the Luxor or any hotel close to it, I would definitely recommend going to the HyperX eSports Arena.

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HyperX eSports Arena Las Vegas