MLB Free Agents Slow to Sign

This offseason in baseball has had many rumors such as Manny Machado to the Yankees, Bryce Harper to the Phillies. Even though there have been many rumors none of the big free agents such as Dallas Keuchel and AJ Pollock have yet to sign with a team. This trend started in the 2018 offseason where J.D Martinez didn’t sign with a team until the week before Spring training. I believe that MLB superstars choose to wait a while before signing for two reasons. The first reason is money, the longer that the player waits to sign the more money he believes the team will give him. I believe that the second reason that players wait to sign is so that they can work out on their own schedule without being watched over by the team that they sign with. It will be interesting to see if MLB superstars waiting to be signed until later in the offseason will become a paradigm or if the recent trend will end.