Medieval Times


Hey Falcons! This past weekend some friends and I went to Medieval Times, a dinner show where you are transported into the medieval times. We were served a 4 course dinner while we watched knights compete and joust to be the best knight in the land. The dinner consisted of tomato bisque, garlic bread, sweet corn, herb roasted potatoes, roasted chicken, and lemon bread for dessert. We had the option of drinking water, Pepsi, or Sierra Mist in a medieval style cup. What really makes Medieval Times unique is the fact that you are not provided any utensils. You have to eat your whole meal with your hands, provided one set of wipes for after your meal. You are instructed to call your servers, “serf,” or “wench,” which many people found very fun. The service was great, and the show was great. Everyone was very pleasantly entertained throughout the entire show. All in all, I would recommend Medieval Times to any fun loving family, and would definitely go back.