The Adventures of Beekle Book Review


Hey Falcons! This week I will be reviewing the book  The Adventures of Beekle. I went to visit Ms. Malissa in the PLC, and read the book. I would recommend this book to grades TK-2nd. The Adventures of Beekle, written by Dan Santat, is a fun-filled book that follows an imaginary creature that just wants to find a friend. Beekle, the imaginary friend, never gets imagined by a real child and feels very lonely. Beekle decides to take a venture into the real world on his own, to try and find a child. Beekle begins to feel sad and discouraged that he can’t find a child that will imagine him, so he climbs a tree. None of the kids playing can see him until a young girl calls out to him. They instantly become best friends and live happily ever after. You can find this book in the PLC, just ask Ms. Malissa. Tune in to see what next week’s book is.