What’s Second Grade Up To?


This past week I interviewed the second graders on what learning in second grade is like. In religion class, the second graders are preparing for their First Communion, this past week the second graders also had their First Reconciliation. The students also told me that they are learning about subtraction and the regrouping included in subtraction in math class. In social studies, the second graders just finished learning about the gold rush and the journey west during the gold rush. In science, the students are enjoying learning about animals, weight, the air, and the weather. In the second graders favorite class, P.E. the second graders told me that their favorite game to play is bean bag toe-tag and their least favorite thing to do is run laps. In computers, the students are learning about typing and are specifically focusing on the home row currently. The students are also learning about book authors and illustration in library class. Lastly, in music, the students are singing and playing games. The second graders seem to be learning a lot in class as well as having fun!