Is Buying A Gaming Mouse Worth It?


The mouse is one of, if not the most important tools in PC gaming. Having a high-quality mouse can mean the difference between getting that kill and winning, or getting utterly destroyed by the competition. In this article, I will tell you why buying a gaming mouse is worth it, and will better your gameplay exponentially.

The gaming mouse I own is the Razer Deathadder Elite. It has two buttons on the side, plus two buttons on the top that are typically used for adjusting your dpi (I rebound them to my [ and ] keys). This amounts to a total of 9 buttons if you count scroll wheel up and down as buttons (which I do). These extra keys made my gameplay better by an incredible amount. Through using these buttons, I have extra building keys in Fortnite, or extra gadget keys in Batman: Arkham. These extra buttons allowed me to play faster without having to have my fingers cramp up trying to reach the Z, X, or C keys. Another aspect of a gaming mouse is how ergonomic it is. Most mouses (yes, the plural of a computer mouse is mouses) have an ambidextrous shape, meaning they don’t confirm that well to your hand. A gaming mouse is specifically designed for left or right handed players, which allows you to play more comfortable during long gaming sessions. Another great thing about gaming mouses is their high customizability. You can make the dpi exactly what you want, helping improve your aim and how fast you are in a game.

To conclude, I would definitely recommend a gaming mouse for any PC gamer. They greatly improve comfort and gameplay. Also, it doesn’t even have to be an overly expensive mouse. There are great gaming mouses out there for 50, even 40 dollars. In the end, a gaming mouse is simply just an incredible addition to your PC gaming setup.

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