My Speech Experience

I have participated in speech and debate for approximately  three years. I personally love speech. Speech is when you perform a piece writing to a judges 3 times. At the end of your 3rd round you are judged and given a medal.  Speech taught me how to face my fears and to do what makes me happy. I have also learned that it is ok to lose. Yes, I would be upset if I didn’t place but I would always remember that it was so much fun to take part of. I personally love acting and performing in front of judges and I do not get nervous. Sometimes speech can be frustrating if you are doing duo interpretation. Duo interpretation is when you and a partner of your choice perform a piece that is about 10 minutes long.  It can be challenging if your partner isn’t giving 100% and messes up your performance. However, it is important to remember that every person has a different level of confidence and way of speech giving. In conclusion think that everyone should try out for speech because it is an amazing experience!