What’s Third Grade Learning?


During this past week I interviewed Emma, Munachi, Lizzy, and Charlie in Ms. Perez’s third grade class. The first class I asked about was art, in art the students are working on making abstract paintings with hearts. In math the students and their classmates are learning about division and multiplication with the numbers 11 and 12. In Science class they are being taught about the planets, the third grade students are looking forward to their field trip to PCC. In Religion the third grade students are learning about the holy trinity. In Spanish the students are learning about classroom objects. In history the third graders are learning about Native Americans. In Grammar class they are reviewing verbs. In computers the third graders students are learning to type without looking at their fingers. In library the students are reading books about history. In P.E all of the students agreed that they love playing games and running around. The third graders had very positive things to say about all of their classes.