All about Poke

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All About Poke is a restaurant that brings the fresh Hawaiian Fusion straight to your Poke bowl! All About Poke is located in La Canada and is a relatively new restaurant. At first, I didn’t know much about poke and what it tasted like. When entering the restaurant for the first time it might seem overwhelming with so many different fishes and vegetables.  The workers at All About Poke are very nice and will more than happy to help you choose your meal. The restaurant is almost made like a salad bar, you first choose your base. Your base can have brown rice, white rice, salad, or tortilla chips. Then you move on to picking a fish. You have so many different options of fish like tuna, salmon, albacore, spicy tuna and much more! Furthermore, you pick all the vegetables that you would like on your bowl. And last but not least you pick a sauce that brings your whole bowl together. In conclusion, I think that everyone should check out All About Poke because their food is amazing!

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