Class Novels


Class novels are often very controversial because many people do not like class novels. Personally, I do not enjoy class novels but I do understand that there are many different reasons as to why we read class novels. While some people say that reading a book in class makes them not want to read the book, reading books in class gives teachers a different way to teach students the material they are learning in class. Other class novels simply help improve students’ abilities to understand certain topics by putting those topics in the type of literature that they read. On the other hand, class novels can also introduce a new genre to students that they had not previously read. As students are also required to read books for Reading Trackers in Junior High, class novels outside of novels in Language Arts help students complete the Reading Tracker and achieve the number of books needed. Personally, class novels are very helpful to my life as a student and help me improve my overall reading skills during the school year.