What’s Fourth Grade Learning?


This past week I decided to interview the students in Ms. O’Toole’s class. I interviewed Francesca, Charlotte, Mary, and Zachary. The fourth graders said that in Social Studies they just finished learning about the Gold Rush. In math they said that they were learning about patterns and sequences. In Science the students said that they are currently learning about ecosystems. In computers Ms. O’Toole’s 4rth graders said that they are currently working on typing. In music the Ms. O’Toole’s learners  are enjoying singing and playing games. In P.E Coach Guzman is working on preparing for the jogathon by running for long periods of time. In language arts they are leaning about possessive pronouns. In religion class the students are learning about Pentecost. In most of the fourth graders favorite class art the students are learning about Frida Kahlo. Lastly in Library class with Ms.Natalie they are learning about Greek Mythology.Fourth Grade is a great transition year for the students at St. Philip’s