NBA Update


The 2018-2019 NBA season is already coming close to an end. Most teams have 20-23 games left of the season before the playoffs. There are many teams that have proved they are contenders, teams that are making one last push to make the playoffs, and the below .500 % teams who will not make the playoffs. Some teams that have proven they are contenders in the Eastern Conference are the Milwaukee Bucks (46-14, 1st), the Toronto Raptors (44-17, 2nd), and the Philadelphia 76ers (39-22, 3rd in East). The teams that have proven they are contenders in the Western Conference are the Golden State Warriors (43-17, 1st), the Denver Nuggets (41-18, 2nd) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (38-21, 3rd). Some teams that have been on the rise lately in the East are the Indiana Pacers (40-21, 4th), and the Brooklyn Nets (32-30, 6th). Teams that are hitting their full potential are the Portland Trail Blazers (37-23, 4th), the Houston Rockets (35-25, 5th), the Utah Jazz (33-26, 6th), and the Sacramento Kings (31-29, 7th). Both conference standings have been changing all year long and some teams are starting to keep their place at the top. The NBA season is coming to an end and leading up to exciting playoffs.