2019 Jogathon results


The Jogathon this year was a huge success with Saint Philip students raising large amounts of money for Saint Philip. 448 of the 559 students at Saint Philip’s registered for the jogathon which lead to the school raising $52,000 for the school. Out of the 448 students that registered, there were 147 superstars that raised over $150. There were 75 school families that together raised over $250. There were 6 classrooms that together had 100% registration meaning that all of the students in that class registered for the jogathon. Mrs. Ramos’s KB class raised $6,005 and Mrs. Najar’s KA class raised $4,906. Which means that Kindergarten raised almost $11,000 combined. Jogathon is always a great way to stay active and have fun with your classmates.