Fortnite Season 8!


Season 7 was around for quite a while. Due to the “winter break” in the middle of the season, it lasted around 2-3 weeks longer than it should have. This meant a long time without any major updates or map changes (that’s not to say that there weren’t big updates, like the Share the Love one). Season 8 recently came out, and I have to say, I’m impressed. Recent seasons have been slowly deteriorating, hence my skepticism for this season. However, Season 8 exceeded most of my expectations (I’ll get into that later), and in this article, I’ll highlight the most important events, starting from February 24 (when the first Season 8 teaser came out), to February 28 (Season 8!).


February 24: 1st Season 8 Trailer

The first teaser for Season 8 (released on the 24th) was incredibly revealing. It more or less revealed the entire team for the season (pirates), which is the largest amount of information any teaser has given us, ever. Also, it kicked off the start of the longest string of teasers we’ve ever received, with a total of FOUR teasers!


February 25: Teaser 2 is… snakes?

This teaser was surprising at first, seemingly not having anything to do with the theme of Season 8. However, once everyone started thinking about it, we realized that the snakes were probably what came out of the eggs in Polar Peak (which had disappeared earlier)!

February 26: Rawr!

I won’t lie, this teaser was pretty boring. It was simply a tiger (which ended up being one of the skins).

February 27: Banana.

Banana banana bananas banana, banana. Bananas banana! (Translation: This teaser was a reference to Fortnite’s AMA, which you can view here. Who knew they were being so literal!)

February 28: It’s Season 8 Time!!!

Season 8 started off with a bang (of a volcano). Below, I list the biggest changes in Season 8, and my thoughts on them.

1. The Battle Pass

This Battle Pass is actually pretty decent. The skins are MUCH better than the last Battle Pass’s, and almost everything about it is great. I only have two complaints: First, the tier 100 skin is terrible. I really liked that they did a female skin this time instead of the typical male one, but if they had made a better skin, I think that they would have had a bigger impact than with the skin they have now. Second, I don’t really like the emotes this season. The “conga” and “hello friend!” emotes are great, but the other ones really don’t hit the mark.

2. The Map

I actually really enjoyed this season’s map changes. The volcano is incredibly fun to mess around in, and the new vents are incredibly useful for traversing my map. My favorite new location is the unnamed hot springs to the right of Lazy Lagoon. The hot springs can spawn up to four chests, and you can get max wood and stone without ever leaving the area. There are also loads of hot springs to make a quick escape.

3. Gameplay

There weren’t really that many gameplay changes, other than the vault of the planes and ATKs and the addition of cannons. However, one notable change is that the entire UI in the menu has changed, and now looks much sleeker and is more accessible.