Special Report: Decathalon Tournament


Hey Falcons! This past weekend St. Philips participated in an Academic Decathlon tournament. It was a very long day, which began at 7:15 am and ended at 6:30 pm. It was hosted at The Cube in Long Beach. There are three components or rounds to the competition. Individual, logic, and super quiz. The individual is when 8 team members on the floor fill out a test on their own without help. Logic is when 10 team members work together to work on a logic test, and the super quiz is when 10 team members work together to answer questions. St Philip did very well in the competition, placing 8th in logic and 13th in the super quiz. In addition, Madison Grub placed 6th in the individual for grammar, Franklin got 5th in the individual for math, and Cole Sealey got 4th in the individual for social studies. All in all, everyone should be proud of themselves since they did a fantastic job.