4-5th Grade Science Fair!

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Every year we have our annual science fair. The 4th-5th graders do their science fair projects individually and I think it is safe to say that every year they always have fun with the science fair and all the interesting projects to create and observe. The 4th graders this year had to see if they could grow plants in recycled objects and how well they would grow, such as growing basil in a baseball mitt. The 5th graders every year have the option of what they want to do with their project just as long as their project is more on the science side. One project I saw was what beverage stains your teeth the most, that project was very interesting and informative. I took some pictures below of some of the fun science fair projects I saw. I cannot wait to see next years projects and I know the new coming 5th and 4th graders cannot wait to work on their projects too!

5th Grade project

5th Grade project

4th grade project


4th Grade project