After the Leprechauns Left


After the leprechauns left, there were footsteps on the floor, and their gold was put back at the end of the rainbow. There was green on the walls and on the ceiling, and the Leprechauns had recently invaded almost everything! Their luck was about and there were messes on the couch. This family’s house, oh yes, what a mess! However, you could see, near the window overseeing a tree, a clover. This clover was lucky and a bright and nice shade of green. There were coins on the ground, dropped on their long way out. The leprechauns left gifts, even if they didn’t know it. And at the end of it all, what did the family find? A black hat with a golden buckle on the side. An unexpected mishap, and with one final glance, the hat was then gone, with a blink, in a chance. A small Leprechaun had quickly come to get it back! The family in the house then cleaned up all the mess in the rooms and the walls and even on shoes. The footsteps were gone, and all the leftover gold collected in a box, all the green on the walls and ceiling now marked on a white cloth. There was one thing left upon the windowsill, and it was the clover green left by them. After the leprechauns left, the very room they were in had no clues that they had ever left those footprints.