2019 Pinewood Derby

This Saint Patrick’s day, the Cub Scouts of Pack 131 hosted their annual Pinewood Derby. I love this event, and go every single year. The premise is simple: You build a small, wooden car and race it on a track. Every year there are some great cars. The amount of work and imagination that goes into each car is incredible. My mom happens to be great at making cars (this is an unbiased opinion, I swear!). This year, she made a pencil for my 1st grader brother, a Master Sword (from Zelda) for me, and a llama from Fortnite for my 4th grade brother (the detail on the llama was incredible!). My little brother’s and my car both placed second in our divisions (I was in the open division, he was in the Tiger’s division). I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested to come on over next year and watch the incredibly exciting races!