High School Acceptance Letters – Followup


Hi Falcons! Our school’s 8th graders are currently experiencing and making life-changing decisions. These decisions affect where you are going to go to high school.  Before the results were in, a previous article was written about How 8th Graders Feel about High School Acceptance Letters. All of the students that were mentioned in the article were accepted to at least one, usually 2 of their top choice high schools (go Falcons!!!).

Most of the letters of acceptance came March 1, 2019 in an email at 5:00 pm. The paper version with more information came the following day. St. Francis had earlier acceptance times and CSArts (San Gabriel Valley) was March 14, 2019.

I interviewed some 8th graders about their results, their choices, and their thoughts on this whole process.

Will Dakan is in 8B and is an avid athlete. He was accepted to Loyola, Saint Francis, and Waverly. Though he is interested greatly in all three schools, he has chosen to enroll in Loyola. He says, “choose the high school you feel is best for you and will help you out in the future”.

Skylar Medina is in 8A and is in drama. She was accepted into Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, Immaculate Heart, and La Salle. She is choosing to enroll in FSHA and says that it’s best to always work as hard as you can in school.

Sophia Islas in 8B applied to, was accepted, and will enroll in the exact same schools as Skylar.

Caroline Mitchell is in 8B and applied to La Salle, Immaculate Heart, and Mayfield Senior School. She got accepted to all three but chooses to enroll in Mayfield. She hopes younger readers find the right fit and don’t go somewhere just because your friends are going. She says that you should feel welcomed and sure that you want to spend the next four years there.

Talia Ettinger only applied to La Salle and she got in. She is enrolling there and says that you should take things slow in this whole process since she’s already going to miss her classmates and the general environment of our class. She says, “don’t rush and focus on what’s important”.

Lucy Meeks is in 8B and only applied to Mayfield, and she got in. She says that you should never be too stressed in this high school process.

Anwen Wise and Jessie Morales are both going to CSArts with me, Madison Chase. All three of us were accepted to our private school options, but are enrolling at California School of the Arts. If you don’t know what a performing arts school is, it is a school where you focus on an art form like theater, visual arts, or dance.

Congrats to all of the 8th graders and good luck to the future 8th-grade Falcons!