Google Stadia: Netflix for Games?


Tuesday, March 19 was a pretty weird day. Google announced their new game-streaming service: Google Stadia. Now, most of you are thinking: “That’s so cool! Google’s making video games!!!” Sadly, they aren’t. Their new platform will be a streaming service (a sort of Netflix for games) where you pay a fee to play all your favorite games, on any device. This means you can play AAA games on your browser, or on your phone. Google is also making controllers for Stadia, which look pretty typical but have some handy functions built in, such as a built-in button to capture gameplay and post it on YouTube and a Google Assistant button. We’ll have to wait to see how Stadia fares when it releases later this year, however it looks like it might do well. We also will have to wait to learn more about pricing. What do you think about Stadia? How much would you pay for it?