The Pranksters

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April Fool’s Day is where everyone does harmless pranks, usually, you would tie your friend’s shoes together, or act like there was a bug on them. However, there was a group of teens who would always get together and throw one of the biggest pranks in their school which was named West Notes. The teacher’s addressed the group as ‘The Pranksters’. They not only pranked people on April Fool’s Day but also every other Thursday when they were all free. The teens met up the Friday beforehand, discussing every detail of the prank. This included time, people as well as the location. Two members would buy all of the supplies they needed, and others would help set it up. The teachers prepared by bringing umbrellas as well as hiding loose papers in drawers. The kids usually put their stuff in a locker and went on with their day like usual. All going according to plan, The Pranksters had set everything up as a few teachers who arrived early to open the school watched. There was one cup, two cups, three and so on. The cups were put down in the hallway one by one. They were all filled up with various things, from water and mud to black unknown sludge. West Notes’ hallways had been filled up by the time the bell rung, and students all day fell, tripped and slid across the marble floors. There were dirt and mud and that weird black sludge filled in those cups and the Pranksters looked on, having much fun. At the end of the day, all pranks were complete, and the students with dirt, mud and the weird black sludge tread with it on their shoes. The Pranksters would clean up with mops and a broom, and the hallways once covered were clean, unlike the students’ shoes.

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