Pie and Burger


Pie and Burger, this year was a day to remember. If you are not familiar with what  Pie and Burger are. It is a truck that comes to our school every year and provides lunch for students and family. Pie and Burger is a restaurant located in Pasadena California near The Shops on Lake.  They sell hamburgers, pies, and french fries that are very delicious. At the student’s lunchtime, they will wait in line for there pie and burgers and will sit down, with their families and enjoy the delicious food. This year, Pie and Burger were one of my favorites. The food was warm and tasty and the company of family and friends was heartwarming.  Pie and Burger have come to our school ever since I came to Saint Philip in 2012. If you didn’t make it this year I recommend coming next year or visiting the restaurant.