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Seventh Grade Field Trip to Caltech

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On Friday January 24th the seventh grade went to Cal Tech for what we believed was going  to be a boring presentation.  Yet, the Seventh Graders were soon shown how wrong we were,  as what started out as boring history turned into a display of rock music.

We were shown that a million bolts of lightning can be used to create rock music by conducting the electricity on a rod. The seventh grade was impressed to say the least but that was nothing compared to the shock we received when we saw a man harness that plasma to make rock music with the help of an Electric Guitar.

He did so by wearing a metal suit that covered his whole body and protected him from the plasma and when the million bolts of electricity hit the suit it protected him and allowed him to play his electric guitar.  The plasma acted as a substitution for an outlet in the wall so when he played his electric Guitar it sounded fairly similar to the sounds it would have made if plugged into an outlet on a wall.  While are performer was unharmed he could  have been if his metal suit of amour was not fully encasing his body, so please children do not try at home unless you want to injure yourselves.

Speaking of things that you should not try at home the Seventh Grade class saw another dangerous thing, this was what happens when you put positive charge into a soda can. The soda can will explode and go flying and might hit someone in the eye, do not use lightning at home under any circumstances.

A seemingly boring field trip in the end turned into a shocking experience.

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  1. Mrs. Ramirez on January 31st, 2014 10:04 am

    I’m glad it wasn’t boring 🙂

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Seventh Grade Field Trip to Caltech