MLB the Show 19

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Long gone are the days of high home run games and contact hitters being useless with the game MLB the Show 19. MLB the Show 19 debuts two main new modes that include online rewards. The first is Moments, Moments allows you to  go back in time and play a huge part of a team’s season. A famous example of a playable moment in MLB the Show 19 is Babe Ruth’s “called shot”. The other new game mode in MLB the Show 19 is March to October. March to October allows you to play around 10 critical games in your Favorite teams season. Those 10 games affect how your team plays that season. If you win Road to October in MLB the Show 19 you get rewards in MLB the Show’s online team builder mode Diamond Dynasty. After playing MLB the show 19 for a week now the main difference that I have noticed is the value of contact hitters in the game. In MLB the Show 18 contact hitters only produced weak contact and rarely hit the ball hard. In MLB the Show 19 however contact hitters may not always hit home runs but they are able to hit the ball hard and get on base more often than power hitters in the game. MLB the Show 19 is a huge improvement from MLB the Show 18 and the changes and improvements make MLB the Show 19 a fantastic game for all ages.

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