Mike Trout’s Record Breaking Contract Extension

Mike Trouts Record Breaking Contract Extension

Last week the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim extended the best player in Major League Baseball for another 12 years. Mike Trout who has been an Angel since he was drafted in 2009 said in a press conference Sunday that leaving the organization “never crossed my mind”. Trout’s extension with the club comes a month after Manny Machado and Bryce Harper signed with the Padres and Phillies in free agency. Trout who has been in the top 4 of MLB MVP voting every year he has been eligible is considered by many to have the talent to be the best player to ever play baseball. Trout’s signing puts him in Angel Red for another 12 years. Trout’s deal broke many records and Trout is now the highest paid athlete contract wise in the world. Trout was set to become a free agent after the 2020 season and is now set to make $430 million dollars over the next 12 years with the Angels. Trout who grew up in Millville, New Jersey which is a quick 30 minute drive from Philadelphia was being  persuaded by Bryce Harper to come to Philadelphia. Trout who admitted in his his press conference that Harper had talked to Trout about coming to Philadelphia also called the Angels organization “home”. Trout is beloved by all in the Angels organization and the Angels now have 12 years of Mike Trout to help bring a championship home to Anaheim.