St. Philip Gets New 3D Printers


Our school recently got three new 3D printers, which are stationed in the Learning Commons. Before these new printers, we had two earlier models, but St. Philip’s was able to invest in newer and more advanced ones. I interviewed Ms. Natalie about the new 3D printers.

The 3D printers’ models are one Flash Force Inventor III and two Monoprice Voxel printers. I asked about how these printers are improvements to our older ones, and Ms. Natalie stated that our old 3D printers were given to us by a parent that worked for a startup company that made 3D printers. They were “a great introduction to 3D printing but weren’t very reliable.” She went on to say that they were not very reliable, but were a great learning experience. Once the printers ceased functioning, the SPAS Technology Committee researched and purchased the new printers, which come with Polar Cloud (a “great program that helps manage student print jobs and allows them the freedom to choose print specifications). The new printers, Ms. Natalie said, are “fairly rugged and sturdy, easy to work with, and less finicky [than our previous printers].” The printers are already available for student use, and have been used by 6th grade and some 8th graders. Finally, I asked Ms. Natalie whether or not we’d be learning how to use them in library and technology class. She stated, “Before the year is out I’d like to get 5th and 7th grade using them for a project in Library and Technology class… I believe the next step for our students is to learn how to fully run the printers, from design to final print.”

I myself am incredibly excited for these new 3D printers. How about you? What do you want to make with them?