Eyas News- 5th Grade States Project


Hey Falcons! For those of us older students, I’m sure we all remember the states project we did in 5th grade. Well, I decided to check up on some kids and see if 5th grade has started their project yet, and they have! However, they started working on their project very recently, so they don’t know as much about their project as I thought. They were still able to tell me about the process, which was interesting to hear about. The beginning of their process is to pick a slip of paper with a state on it out of a hat, and whatever state they pick is the state they will be studying. Every student then does some research about their state and presents to the entire class everything they learned. To maximize the information that each student learns, they do their research in steps, and 5th grade is only on the first step. Some of the students I talked to were very excited about the states project, since they feel as though this particular presentation is very engaging. Others enjoy this presentation because they get to learn more about all the states in an engaging way. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that 5th grade is going to enjoy this project.