What are the First Graders Doing for Spring Break?

Spring break is just around the corner and I know we are all very excited! I was wondering what people are doing for spring break so I decided to go down and interview some kids from 1st grade to find out what they are doing for spring break. From 1st grade I interviewed Monroe,Ava, Julia, Mariana. First I asked them, “What are you all planning on doing for spring break?” Monroe answered first and said, “I am going to probably have playdates with my friends and sleepovers everyday!” Then Ava said, “I am going to Lake Tahoe.” After Ava, Marianasaid, “I am going to Knotts Berry Farm!” Lastly Julia answered, “I am going to go to the desert.” Then lastly I asked, “What are you guys going to do where you are going or the activities you are doing?” Monroe answered, “We are probably just gonna like play and go to bed late!” Then Ava answered, “I am going to hang out with my family.” Next Mariana answered, “I am going to go on all these rides and I am so excited for Ghost Rider because that’s my favorite ride and Pony Express!” Lastly, Julia answered, “I am going to swim and play with my family.” All of the activities they are doing sound super fun and they are all super excited for Spring Break!