Fortnite World Cup


ESports are a relatively new thing: they only started gaining widespread popularity very recently. However, Fortnite is taking a leap in the huge eSports scene: The Fortnite World Cup. With around $100,000,000 in prizes, this is the BIGGEST eSports event, ever. Obviously, this feat won’t be easy to pull off, but I trust that Epic Games will do the best they can to make this work. Below I detail the biggest parts of the World Cup, and also the biggest criticisms of these aspects.



Most of the World Cup qualifiers will be online, in game. If you played the “Arena” (ranked) game mode and got enough points, you were able to get into the qualifiers to attempt to get a spot in the World Cup. This form of qualifiers has had much criticism from pros, however, I think it’s a great way to have an online match to watch and play in rather than having to go to an arena to play in.



Epic Games will be distributing a large number of prizes throughout a number of weeks, spreading out the total pool of $100,000,000. The main event will dish out $30,000,000! This is undeniably the largest eSports event, ever. Once again, many pros are saying that the way Epic is distributing the prizes is not very good, however, I like that they’re spreading out the prizes so that lesser known, maybe not as good players can have a chance at winning.



Below is the current list of players attending the World Cup (after the first weekend of qualifiers):

  • slаyа
  • TOP_FaxFox
  • E11 Stompy
  • TQ Prisi0n3r0
  • NRG benjуfishу
  • Gambit.letw1k3
  • LDLC Nayte
  • S2V DiegoGB
  • TrainH DRG
  • QUASAR leleo
  • SEN Bughа
  • Dubs fn
  • Ghost Bizzle
  • TSM_Comadon
  • Liquid Vivid
  • 100T Ceice

This list will be updated soon, after the upcoming list of qualifiers. However, having players qualify solely online (as those listed above have done) will likely result in having some hackers coming to the World Cup. Recently, a player from professional Fortnite team “Team Kaliber” was banned from Fortnite due to hacking during the qualifiers. I expect there to be more hackers in these qualifiers, but I also expect for Epic Games to take steps to ban these cheaters.


Overall, I can’t very well tell whether or not the World Cup will be successful. I expect it to be great for those watching, but I’m sure the pros will have more complaints. I can’t wait to watch the exciting event!