Easter Bunny Plushies

Easter Bunny Plushies

Hi Falcons! Today We’ll make a simple bunny plushie for Easter! You can make this for a friend or family member, or even yourself.



½ yard of fabric or less (depending on how big you want your plushie)

1 spool of string

1 needle

2 black beads

Paper (amount depends on size)

Cotton Stuffing (amount varies)

1 pair of scissors

Fabric Chalk


  1. Draw each part of the bunny on paper: one arm, one leg, one ear, and one head & torso.
  2. Cut the paper out & trace onto the fabric with fabric chalk; Make sure to times the amount by 2 (so if there are 2 ears on a bunny, trace 4, and if there is one head, trace 2 and so on).
  3. Cut out the material and get the needle ready with string. Start to sew the plushie together, sewing two traced ears together and doing the same with the remaining two. Remember to stuff the ears with cotton stuffing before closing the ears up!
  4. Repeat step 3 with the rest of the body parts. If you need help, ask a parent!
  5. Sew all of the body parts together so that it looks like a bunny.
  6. Sew in the black beads into the head of the bunny.

Then you’re done! I hope you have fun making these bunny plushies!

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/44694344@N07/4567551276/in/photolist-7XBTS5-r2qigi-bvG1ZT-riQBA6-rgxw7h-qZwcer-qZwbWc