What 7th Grade Has Learned in Religion Class This Year!

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Since we go to a Catholic school we get a great education in religion. In junior high, our religion teacher is Mrs. Hedgpeth. This year in 7th grade we have learned a lot during religion! We recently learned about Jesus’ passion which is His sacrifice that saves us from sins when he died on the cross. I interviewed fellow classmate, Leo Sugiyama. I asked Leo what he has learned in Religion class so far this year and he said he has learned a lot of new things about the Resurrection of Jesus. I asked him what the most interesting thing he learned so far and he said St. Joan of Arc. Most of our activities or assignments in religion class we write or they are reflections on the lesson we learned. Not only do we learn about God and our religion, but we also learn about writing skills that will be valuable in high school! Overall, I think we have learned a lot of valuable information in religion class this year.