Upcoming Spring Concert


The spring concert is coming up, and I think it’s safe to say everyone is excited. Ms. Homan is working very hard to help us all learn the songs to the best of our abilities. However, there was one change this year. All students will be required to wear their class jog-a-thon T-shirts with a pair of jeans. Some students were bummed about this, but overall we understand that this will help keep everything organized and is a positive decision. Ms. Roldan and the 8th graders are hard at work to perfect their dancing in time. Although we don’t know what song the 8th grade will be dancing to, I think it is safe to say everyone is excited about the upcoming spring concert. The spring concert will be outside the school building on the blacktop, and not only are family and friends welcome, but they are also encouraged. Overall, the spring concert will be a fun and exciting way to wrap up our school year and have a night of wholesome fun!