Jeffrey the Knight: The Quest Begins (Part One)


There was once a young knight-in-training named Jeffrey. Jeffrey lived in a magnificent castle, as he was the son of the wonderful King Aldous. The royal family lived a lavish life and was very happy. However, young Jeffrey had no friends. He was lonely and spent most of his time in his father’s castle. However, one day, Jeffrey was sad. King Aldous asked him, “Jeffrey, why are you so sad?” Jeffrey responded, “Because I have no friends to play with. Everyone thinks I’m weird because I’m the prince!” King Aldous thought for a moment, then said, “Jeffrey, I have an idea. Go consult your uncle, the great wizard Radagast! He will know what to do.” So Jeffrey went. He journeyed on his magnificent horse named Storm for days to reach the dwelling of the wizard. Radagast lived in a beautiful mansion, as he amassed his riches on his journeys throughout the kingdom of Zuerael. However, the wizard was now old and spent most of his time tending to the animals and gardens around his home. When Jeffrey reached the door, he knocked, and the old wizard quickly came. “Hello, young Jeffrey! There’s my favorite prince,” Radagast exclaimed. Jeffrey replied, “Hey uncle. I have a problem: I have no friends, and I was hoping you could teach me how to get some.” Radagast said, “I actually have an idea! You’ve finished your knight training, right?” “Of course, uncle,” Jeffrey replied, “I skipped three grades, remember?” “Right, right, no need to brag. Well, I have an idea: You can go on a quest for the legendary HOLY JUICEBOX! The Juicebox provides its owner with an infinite supply of any juice he chooses, and it even comes with a reusable straw! It has been lost for a millennium, and no knight before you has been able to find it, however, I trust that you can. The journey will take three days, each one presenting a different challenge. On the first day, you will reach the bridge, where the Grumpy Old Troll lives. He will give you riddles, and you must solve them to pass. On the second day, you will encounter the dragon named Smeagol, who you must put to sleep using any means necessary. On the third and last day, you will encounter the guardian of the Holy Juicebox, who will guard it at all costs. I do not know much about him, other than the fact that he is difficult to surpass. Will you take up the challenge, Jeffrey?” Jeffrey was swift to reply, “Yes, uncle! I will find the Holy Juicebox and get lots of friends and juice to share with them!” “All right, then come with me to the armory,” replied Radagast. They descended into the armory, ready for an adventure.

To be continued…