What the kindergartners think about mass


This is the first year that the kindergartens have been going to school mass and I wanted to ask them a couple questions on how they felt about mass, I asked 3 students from KB named Jack Regally, Jordan Powers, and Jaclyn Hernandez. The first question I asked them was if they liked mass in general. They all said yes and said because they get to learn about God and Jesus. Second, I asked what their favorite thing about mass was. Jack said that it was going up for Communion. Jordan said her favorite thing is that Father Tony is trying to let us know that we don’t just follow rules, but we are disciples of Christ. Furthermore, I asked them if they would rather go to mass as a school family or with their class. They all said family because they would talk too much if they went as a class. Overall, I think that kindergarteners really like mass and learning about God!