How the JV Volleyball Players Feel


I wanted to know more about how the players on the JV volleyball team feel about their season, so I decided to ask them. I interviewed 4 seventh grade boys. Once I began to ask them how they feel about their season, they didn’t hesitate to give me answers. According to Anthony Ramirez and Ethan Romo, “We have not won any games, but we played against mostly varsity teams. We’re good at rallies. We want to win by improving our skills more. Our coach Ms. Malissa, is very nice and has high expectations. We need to improve in all areas, especially serving. We wish there were more tall kids on the team, and more equal playing time for everyone. Other students want better players to play longer. We also think we need more communication on the court.” I then asked Will Crowley how he felt, and he said, “ Even though we keep losing, volleyball is a lot of fun. I like that our coach is really good, but unfortunately, we need better communication which makes us lose some games. We also make a lot of mistakes. We also need to listen to Ms. Malissa.” The last student, Arthur Camara, was very vocal about his feelings. According to Arthur, “ I feel like I enjoyed this season and there were a lot of people who tried really hard, but there were other people who slacked off. This is bad for people who put in hard work more. I don’t mind that we didn’t win a game since I know that a lot of the new kid’s skills aren’t as polished as the older kids, but they still tried hard. What bothers me is that there were some players who were being rude when someone messed up. Overall, it was a good season.” I think it’s safe to say that although they may not have won very many games, this team played hard and overall had a good time.