What 8th Grade Learned and Saw in Washington D.C


The annual 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C was a great way for the 8th grade to meet new people while learning about United States geography. The first full day that the 8th grade spent in Washington D.C involved the 8th grade going to the mall or the area that begins with the Capitol Building, has the Washington Monument in the middle and ends with the Lincoln Memorial. The 8th grade mainly walked around the area surrounding the Washington Monument. After visiting the mall the 8th grade went to the National Holocaust Museum. The 8th grade then went to lunch. After lunch, the 8th grade then went to the Newseum or a museum that revolves around news and freedom of speech. After the newseum, the 8th grade went back to their hotel and had their first workshop or reflection on the day that they had in Washington D.C. The 8th grade on their first day in D.C learned about the history of news and freedom of speech and learned about the mall. On their second day in D.C, the students visited The Martin Luther King Junior Memorial and saw the various quotes that surround the amazing statue of Dr. King. The 8th grade also went to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial. The 8th grade also went to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The 8th grade also visited Arlington National Cemetery and a statue of multiple soldiers hoisting up the American flag. On their second full day in Washington D.C, the 8th grade learned about the good and bad parts of memorials, saw the changing of the guards at Arlington National Cemetery and saw a historic statue. On their third full day in Washington D.C, the 8th graders visited the Lincoln Memorial and saw the World War II Memorial. In their fourth and last full day in Washington D.C, the 8th grade visited Williamsburg, VA. Williamsburg had many volunteers who replicated life when the United States was fighting for freedom from Great Britain. The 8th Graders had an incredible time in the Nation’s Capital.