Game Informer


GameStop has a rewards program that gives you multiple discounts and other benefits. However, my favorite of these benefits is a subscription to Game Informer magazine. Game Informer is a monthly gaming magazine that covers many different things, from latest releases to special articles on up-and-coming people in the gaming community. I really enjoy the magazine for many different reasons. First, their articles are exciting and engaging. They give you a great sense of how the games work and the work that was put into them, with exclusive interviews with developers, programmers, and more. Second, their reviews are unbiased and accurate. They have incredibly skilled reviewers and editors who give you an accurate picture of the game. Last, the magazine issues are all different and unique. For instance, one magazine may have a special on E3, while another is an interview with the developers of Spider-Man on PS4. I really enjoy Game Informer, and everyone should give it a try if they enjoy any type of games.