2nd Grades Reflection On Their First Holy Communion


The second grade just had their First Holy Communion and are excited to receive their First Holy Communion. The second graders that I interviewed were: Alex, Patrick, Grace, and Molly. When asked if they were excited for their First Communion, the second graders agreed that they were very excited to receive communion. When asked what they learned on their retreat Alex said that he learned what it’s like receiving God. Molly also said that she now truly knows that God loves all of us. When asked about their favorite part of the retreat, Molly said that it was when she got to read a letter. Patrick said that it was when they received the bread and the wine. Grace also said that she enjoyed meditating. Lastly, when asked if they were going to do anything differently the next time, Grace said that she will think about what communion means. The second graders had a fun time at their retreat and enjoyed receiving communion.