Fortnite Season 9


Around 2 months ago, I wrote an article covering Season 8 of Fortnite. It seems like time flew: we’re already in Season 9! It came out on Thursday, May 9, and has some quite incredible aspects, and some quite horrendous aspects. I like most of the new Season, however one change that Epic Games made got me raging when I first tried out the Season. Read on to find out more about Season 9.


We got our first Season 9 teaser the Monday before it came out. After that, we received two more teasers, each one having a different letter in the background and depicting a different skin (each of which turned up in the battle pass). The teasers, when put together, spelled “neo,” or new, which confirmed our theories of a futuristic season 9.

Battle Pass

This is the best Battle Pass we’ve had since Season 5. I absolutely love it. All the skins are very well made and thought out. The “Bunker Jonesy” skin is hilarious, and its selectable styles are pretty cool. My favorite skin this season is the “Demi” skin: a cyborg with a red dress. The pickaxes, gliders, emotes, wraps, and more are all incredible, especially with the new dual-wielding pickaxes. Overall, I really love this Battle Pass.


I love almost everything about the new map: the slipstreams are super useful, the new named locations are sick, and there are some interesting POIs. Guns have stayed relatively the same, with the exception of what is arguably the biggest change of the Season: the removal of the pump shotgun and the introduction of the combat shotgun. During the first couple of days of Season 9, I was raging when I got a 35 damage headshot with the golden combat shotgun and got killed by a noob with a gray tac. However, I am slowly getting accustomed to this new shotgun, and I’m finding out the best way to use it.

Overall, Season 9 is great, and is one of the best Seasons we’ve had in a long time.