Rebuttal to Will Crowley’s rebuttal

Rebuttal to Will Crowleys rebuttal

As some of you may know Will Crowley has recently written an article where he was uninformed and looking for any way to get a point to stick. The first way that Will Crowley’s article was unresearched is that he makes a claim that Mike Trout may not even be an Angel next year. Will Crowley didn’t look in depth at Mike Trout’s 10-year extension. Mike Trout, about a month and a half ago, signed a $350 million dollar extension with the Angels. In that contact, there is a no-trade clause meaning that Trout cannot be traded and will be an Angel for the rest of his career. Then Will Crowley goes on to make a point on how the Angels “probably would not have won a World Series”. First of all, there is no factual information behind this and I guess I need to remind him that the Angels have won a World Series more recently than the Dodgers. Crowley then goes on to talk about how the Angels may not have enough money to afford other players. Crowley does not know that baseball does not have a salary cap like other sports or baseball does not have a limit on the money you spend. They only ask that you pay a salary tax for spending that money. That point then nullifies the next point that Crowley makes where he says that Angel’s new players will want a new contract too. Not only can the Angels afford to pay them, just by drafting that player the Angels have those players for seven full years of MLB service until they are. Also, Crowley doesn’t even address my points that the Dodgers gave away their future stars for half a season of Manny Machado. It is because of these reasons that Will Crowley’s article wasn’t researched enough and was incorrect in many ways.