3rd Grade Getting Ready for 4th Grade


This past week I interviewed Luke, Juliet, Sammy, and Tera in Ms. Perez’s third-grade class. I asked the third graders if they were ready for third grade and they all agreed that they were kind of ready. Ben said that he was super ready for fourth grade and is excited about fourth grade. When asked if their teachers have been doing a good job preparing them, they all said yes and love the fact that their teachers care so much about their learning. The soon to be fourth-graders said that they have been told good things about fourth grade by their parents. Personally, I loved everything about fourth grade and loved doing the Gold Rush projects. When asked if they thought that they were ready for letter grades in fourth grade, Sammy said maybe, Tera said yes, Juliet said yes, and Luke said maybe. The third graders have been prepared for fourth grade with the help of their teachers and their parents.