If you love to shop, go to the beach, and spend a leisurely few days away from your home, I suggest you go to Carmel. Carmel is located on the Pacific Coast, just north of Big Sur and a few miles away from Monterey Bay. I recently went to Carmel the week before break and had so much fun, I did not want to leave. One of my favorite days was when my mom and I went shopping. There is one street with a bunch of cute shops and places to eat. The food is really good as well. There are so many fun things to do there. One of my other favorite things was going to Pebble Beach and then driving back on the 17-mile drive! The 17-mile drive is a beautiful drive along the coast of Monterey and it was so pretty. Then we ended up back at Carmel. So if you are looking for a place to go this summer I suggest going to Carmel for a relaxing vacation on the beach!


Shops in Carmel
Point Lobos… a very beautiful hike