Jessie Morales’ 8th Grade Goodbye

Wow. It’s already been 9 nine years since I began at St. Philip. It feels like I was just making my First Communion or I just got to junior high. I can’t believe I’ve been on Falcon’s Flyer for two years already. I remember my first ever day here so clearly. My uniform was too big for me. My skort was below my knees and my shirt went to mid-elbow. I had a Mario Kart backpack with a matching light up lunch box and I was less than half my height now. My sister was a third grader at the time. We stood in a line outside and got felt name tags. All the older kids were so much bigger than me and I thought they were giants. I was very shy back then and everything scared me. Especially older kids. They were so tall they could just step on me and I’d be gone. Back then the first two days were half days and when I found out school days were actually longer, I was so excited! I’ve always liked school, I just didn’t like homework. And I still don’t, so at least I figured that out early. I think I’m going to miss Drama Club the most. It’s the only fun part of my day where I get to act and hang out with my best friends.


High school will be very different, that’s a given, and I can’t wait to begin my next adventure. But I also can’t wait to come back and visit the place where I did a lot of growing up.